Debbie Dance Uhrig

Debbie Dance Uhrig

Debbie is the creator of The Covered Dish.

Use small fingertip hand towels for dinner napkins. This means no ironing and they usually wash up real well. RV'ers like to have a nice table when they dine. A quick toss in the dryer and the dinner napkins are ready to go. Also a good idea for barbeque events, the stains come out of the hand towel much easier than the linen napkins.

When you brew your iced tea remember do not over-soak the teabags or leaves. Gently tap the bags, don't squeeze them to death as this releases the tannins that make the tea bitter. Pour the hot 'brew' over ice in a plastic container. This helps to cut the cloudiness down and the little oil slick that can appear on tea. Instead of making all the iced tea at once and overcrowding the refrigerator space hold a container of the brew and make pitchers as they are needed.

Plan weeknight meals over the weekend. This will keep you from eating out and over-eating. Prep vegetables and fruits ahead of time.

Place about 4 saltine crackers finely crumbled into your next batch of tuna salad. The crackers will absorb any extra liquid and keep the salad firm.

Use extra pancake batter and make small pancakes the size of a sausage patty (like Wal-Mart sells pre-cooked.) Put the patty between two cakes, wrap in parchment and freeze for the a good breakfast on school mornings.

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