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Debbie Dance Uhrig, Creator of The Covered DishWelcome to my kitchen! I'm Debbie Dance Uhrig, fondly referred to in pen as: 'The Covered Dish'. For the past seven years I have been an active food columnist/writer publishing a weekly column, ('The Covered Dish') found in newspapers in the Midwest. Presently around 30,000 read the column every week. What started out as merely 'writing' about recipes, food experiences and kitchen talk has turned into so much more!

In May of 2008 my first cookbook, 'Simply Yours' came to fruition debuting in Platte City, Missouri. In August of that same year we relocated to Southern Missouri and I now teach daily culinary classes in Branson, Missouri. Between road shows, speaking engagements, culinary extravaganzas, food judging, recipe development, dinner parties, a pilot 'Back to the table - Ozark Style,' and my family and community, I'm a pretty busy lady.

And I'm pleased to announce the publication of my second cookbook, "Everyday Comfort Foods", available now right here on my website! These are recipes we've all grown to love!

I cannot believe everything that's come to pass in the last five years. More than 5000 "Simply Yours" cookbooks have been sold with the new book, 'Everyday Comfort Foods' available now. There's a great deal more on my professional bucket list and I'll attempt to keep all of you up to date through the website.

Every week someone asks me what my favorite types of foods are to prepare in the kitchen. Every time I hesitate to respond; there are so many wonderful and exciting dishes to make. Breads would probably be at the top of the list followed by pies, main dishes and soups.

As stated in my extended bio (see below) I strive to return the family to the dining table, presenting simple and fulfilling recipes. If you would like to receive the column on a weekly basis be sure and visit the 'membership' area on the website. When there's a new culinary cruise in the works or I'm going to be in a specific city doing a presentation it will be posted.

You'll also notice I'm an ambassador for Petit Jean Meats located in Morrilton, Arkansas. Be sure and visit this wonderful meat company. Place a call and come home to find your order on the doorstep.

Keep in touch and let me know what recipes you're desiring. You'll also find the business on face book in the weeks to come. Time to hit the kitchen!

Simply Yours,
The Covered Dish
Debbie Dance Uhrig


Debbie Dance Uhrig

Debbie Dance Uhrig - The Covered DishMrs. Debra (Debbie) Dance Uhrig – Elementary Music educator, founder of the Covered Dish, entrepreneur – lives in Branson West, Missouri, just a few miles from the "Live Music Capitol" - Branson, Missouri. She shares her home with her husband, Ervin Uhrig; son, Phillip Uhrig; and pet Corgi, Jilly. Debbie has enjoyed turning this house into a home for her loved ones.

Debbie grew up in a conservative, faith-based home where her parents treated guests within their home with simple, down-home comfort foods that have remained a constant in her kitchen today. She believes that the family dining table should be a place where families communicate, telling stories about their days and sharing in the bounty of life. Spending time with Debbie reveals that she embodies these beliefs and cherishes the time spent together with family and friends.

Debbie has some big goals that will allow her to share her beliefs and values with the world. She has worked diligently over the past several years to communicate these values to those around her through her passion: cooking. In every column she writes, dish she prepares, class she teaches, or television appearance she makes, her ideals shine through. This website is yet another place where Debbie can pass on to the world what she holds dear to her being.

"Back to the Table - Ozark Style" TV Pilot

In 2012, we finished production on a Pilot TV show called, "Back to the Table - Ozark Style." Watch a promo for it here. We're still looking for a production company or network to pick it up so if you know of anybody who's interested, let them and me know!

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