Debbie Dance Uhrig

Debbie Dance Uhrig - The Covered DishMrs. Debra (Debbie) Dance Uhrig – Elementary Music educator, founder of the Covered Dish, entrepreneur – lives in Branson West, Missouri, just a few miles from the "Live Music Capitol" - Branson, Missouri. She shares her home with her husband, Ervin Uhrig; son, Phillip Uhrig; and pet Corgi, Jilly. Debbie has enjoyed turning this house into a home for her loved ones.

Debbie grew up in a conservative, faith-based home where her parents treated guests within their home with simple, down-home comfort foods that have remained a constant in her kitchen today. She believes that the family dining table should be a place where families communicate, telling stories about their days and sharing in the bounty of life. Spending time with Debbie reveals that she embodies these beliefs and cherishes the time spent together with family and friends.

Debbie has some big goals that will allow her to share her beliefs and values with the world. She has worked diligently over the past several years to communicate these values to those around her through her passion: cooking. In every column she writes, dish she prepares, class she teaches, or television appearance she makes, her ideals shine through. This website is yet another place where Debbie can pass on to the world what she holds dear to her being.

"Back to the Table - Ozark Style" TV Pilot

In 2012, we finished production on a Pilot TV show called, "Back to the Table - Ozark Style." Watch a promo for it here. We're still looking for a production company or network to pick it up so if you know of anybody who's interested, let them and me know!

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